Maria Regine


Maria is a fourth generation, Certified Authentic PilatesTM Teacher. She brings to her teaching more than six years of experience training clients from 5 years old to 78 years old in the Authentic Pilates system.

Maria was first introduced to Mat Pilates in high school, in 2003.  After completing her Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Design, she continued on to architectural graduate school with the mindset of studying how people move through space. Halfway through graduate school she expanded her study of pilates to include the apparatus' ... and fell in love with the pilates lifestyle.   At which time she left graduate school to become a Pilates Apprentice!

Maria has been a Certified Pilates Teacher since 2012 and is dedicated to maintaining and teaching the original system of exercises and philosophies developed by Joseph H. Pilates.

Maria's favorite part of being a pilates instructor is seeing her clients' practice of pilates grow and improve!