Pie and Lattes? Yes please! Pilates? Umm... what's that?!?!

Pilates is not a thing... but a man.  Joseph Pilates developed the exercise system called Contrology, that today we call... Pilates.   Many people think pilates is for middle aged woman, thought up to fill the 6am spot on the home shopping network.  They're shocked to learn that the founder was actually a male boxer and circus tumbler!

Pilates is for everyone!

Workaholics... No need to go to the gym every day to work your entire body.  Pilates is a full body workout, there are no arms days, legs days, abs days, its everything all the time.  Pilates Stance offers over 40 classes, 7 days a week, @ 55 or 30min. there is no excuse not to find time to work on your wellbeing.

Beginners... Everyone asks, "Can you work with someone like me? I'm just a beginner!"  The answer is yes!  Even if you can't do a roll-up, all exercises can be modified for any ability. At Pilates Stance you get individualized instruction to meet your personal fitness goals.  Pilates Stance's Group Mat Pilates Class & Barre/Stretch Classes are kept small at 4-6 people. 

Athletes.... Runners, stretch those hamstrings & strengthen those arms!  Cyclists, open the chest and stretch those quads. Golfers, work on your golf swing by twisting through the spine. Athletes know how easily you can get injured when you're stiff or weak in one area. Schedule a Private 55min. lesson with Maria anytime Mon.-Fri. 6:00am-6:30pmor Saturday mornings.

Recovering bodies... Post physical therapy, easing back into working out after an injury, pilates can bring you back to feeling your best.  Pilates Stance uses low-impact spring based equipment (reformer, wunda chair, tower)that offer support and guides movements to ensure that proper form is maintained. 

Men... They never ask if they CAN do pilates, they ask if they should?  Of course they should, what good are giant arms if you can't reach to tie your shoe?  But perhaps the most thought provoking reason is that practicing pilates helps strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which means better... you know what!  Pilates will challenge your strength and make you sweat, just ask our male members!

Yoga enthusiasts... Yogi's know better than anyone that control and a mind body connection matter! Pilates compliments yoga and increase strength to hold those yoga poses. Pilates Stance members feed off each other's energy at Duet Equipment lessons for just $25.

Kids... Developing good posture and body image at an early age is crucial, especially for girls.  Look for Pilates Stance at your child's after school program!  Pilates Stance also offers Junior Group Mat Class for girls @ 3:30 weekdays.

Seniors...You're never too old to learn new tricks!  Proper posture and overall mobility reduces the risk of injury and  falls. Pilates Stance's most senior member is 78! She is working on her posture and mobility to make gardening easier.  Pilates Stance offers Seniors (62+) Classes Mon. thru Fri. at 10:30am.

Pilates Stance is about more than just fitness... The studio hosts EVENTS to connect with your friends, find rejuvenation and explore your community. Learn about everything from Essential Oils, Nutrition, and Knitting! And every month offers a new special on memberships!  Pilates is like an onion.  When you peel away the first few layers, you might say "that wasn't so difficult!" but it won't get easier, it gets tougher, and just like an onion when you're done, yes, you'll stink a little!