The studio is meant to be a place of rejuvenation.  You should always leaving feeling better than when you came in.  We understand that the average person had many commitments and that their fitness is just one of those commitments. 


Your time in the studio is about you and your goals and nothing else.


How many reps? How many times a week?  Simply... just move! Move more today than the day before.


Your body is a machine.  Treat it with respect to its intended alignment. Make each movement with control and flow.

How did the studio get its name?

The term 'Pilates Stance' refers to the position of the legs and feet during many exerciess.  The position is achieved by slightly rotating the legs outward within the hip socket so that the heels are together and the toes are slightly apart.

The space

The studio is within a structure that is a former machine shop.  This is a very fitting location since the practice of pilates got its start during the 1920s Machine Age. 


  • New hardwood floors
  • A private bathroom for clients only
  • Designated on-site parking
  • Central heating and AC